Testimonials from people positively impacted by the EquuSatori Center.


Hi Lisa,

Our session last week was really amazing.  I wanted to let you know that you and Opie were so helpful and the session really changed my perspective, and also my life.

Before our session I was so reluctant to do the work I needed to feel comfortable leaving the ranch for 3 weeks, but after our session, I got home and found the spark inside (and outside) to make it all happen. Let’s just say that things, events, people fell into place.  A big part of it was you offering your friendship and support. Another part was that ride with you and Opie.

So thank you for everything.  This horse work really is magical, isn’t it?



To Whom It May Concern:

My purpose is to commend to your attention, my friend and colleague, Lisa Walters of Sebastopol, Cal, as a talented dressage instructor whose teaching practice includes educating people in Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning. Lisa has been training with the ADVENTURES IN AWARENESS process for several years. She has developed a high degree of competency in sharing with people how to work with horses to facilitate their personal growth as well as that of others.

Lisa directs the EquuSatori Center where she supervises student instructors in the practice of equine facilitated experiential learning process work. She works with the safety guidelines and standards of practice promoted by EFMHA, Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association, a special interest section of NARHA, North American Riding for the Handicapped, Inc. www.narha.org.

Lisa’s graduate work in Energy Medicine and her personal capabilities as an accomplished dressage rider and competitor contribute to the richness of her teaching people how to work with horses to learn more about themselves. Her years of experience working with horses and students in skills development, training and schooling riders and horses, and now, teaching the teachers in Equine Facilitated Experiential process work – all benefit from Lisa s high caliber of professionalism.

Warm Regards,
Barbara K. Rector, MA


Hi Lisa!

Here’s something I wrote up about being with you at your place. It expresses some of how I feel about my time with you.

I’ve been working with Lisa to learn both dressage and groundwork involving the foundational relationship behaviors of equines.

After each lesson with Lisa, I found myself driving home below the speed limit in a peaceful, meditative state. Being someone who ordinarily drives as if on a mission, this was remarkable.

The lessons and quiet time with the horses had had a deeply calming effect on me. Receiving Lisa’s kind, knowlegeable instruction and practicing union with her gentle, well trained horses had allowed me to drop into a lovely state of rest and receptiveness which continued long after I’d dismounted. Lisa refers to this state as ‘moving at the pace of guidance.”

Whether working on riding skills or groundwork, Lisa’s clean, orderly stable and covered arena are the perfect place to deepen (or begin) one’s understanding of the language of horses. And the peaceful side effects are worth every moment.

Denise Bergeron


Lisa has a unique approach to teaching dressage that makes a complex discipline accessible for her students. I have ridden horses since I was very young, but hadn’t encountered a teacher who could so clearly explain the incremental steps that create the foundation for correct dressage.

Lisa teaches me how to use my body to communicate my intentions to the horse in a way that the horse can understand and respond to. This kind of connection with the horse is the starting point that leads to a seamless partnership with the horse that I’ve always wanted, but didn’t know how to achieve.

Lisa teaches the command vs. control leadership model of being with a horse both on the ground and riding. Inviting the horse to join me based on my clarity and focus about what I want and how I am communicating that with my seat, legs and hands. This opens the door to a whole new world of possibility for me.

Lisa has a deep understanding of horses and incorporates that depth of understanding into my lessons. This comprehensive approach deepens my understanding as a rider and my relationship with the horse I’m riding.

Janice Drescher