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In the Field, with Horses… A personalized skill building opportunity 

Essential training for Equine Assisted Learning Professionals

By learning the language of the horse, we are able to connect with our horses as a herd-mate, leader, and colleague — focusing on the fundamentals of how to “read” horse and engage with horses in a way that creates trust, understanding and a true bond. This program will help equine professionals not only understand the horses they work with, but help create safe horse-human interactions that support Equine Assisted Learning.

Phase 1:

Working with horses at liberty. In this phase, you will learn:

  • To identify, understand and work with the fundamental relational behaviors of horses.
  • Develop a clear understanding of the energetic components in the relational behaviors.

Phase 2:

  • Explore how this process helps humans develop more subtle awareness.
  • Identify and connect with our own inner sense of presence, awareness and intention.
  • Understand how the science behind coherence and heart-field energetics supports horses helping humans.

Phase 3:

  • Curriculum development and review for future use with your own clients

These natural relational behaviors will help you learn to communicate with horses with more clarity. Learn to know the horses you are working with and better match horses and clients. This essential training will help you be a safer and more effective facilitator with students and clients.

This is a 6 session course (approximately 2 hours per session).This program includes teaching materials and facilitation training.

Tuition: Call for Pricing

Contact: Lisa Walters: / 707-322-4955


The Language of Horses

Perfect for individuals seeking to broaden their understanding of horses.

  • Learn how to connect with horses in the “Way of the Horse” using the relational behaviors of horses as your guide.
  • Find your own creative source and experience the powerful influence Presence, Awareness and Intention have in relationships.
  • Develop a broader sense of inner awareness.

This is a 4 session training (each session approximately 2 hours).

Tuition: Call for Pricing


Phone: Lisa: 707-322-4955


Personal Resiliance Training with the Help of Horses

Equine Assisted Learning blended with the HeartMath Resiliance Training techniques

  • Learn the science behind optimal functioning and optimal performance
  • Distinguish between Relaxation vs Coherence
  • Build effective self-regulation and tools to maintain a sustainable practice of energy-management.
  • Access intuitive intelligence
  • Increase awareness of and sensitivity to relational issues
  • Enhance ability to think and act clearly and from the heart

This is a 6 session course (not all sessions include horses and some sessions are 1 hour others approximately 2 hours).  Lisa Walters is a Certified HeartMath Personal Resiliance Coach:

Tuition: Call for Pricing



Listening with Awareness while Riding

Individualized training with your own horse. Bridging the relational behaviors of horses and the classical principles of riding. A valuable foundation for any riding style.

Hourly Pricing

Contact: Lisa Walters:

Phone: Lisa 707-322-4955


Horse as Muse workshop – An exploration / An inner journey 

A transformative weekend of creativity and horses. Journey into your own creative flow. Experience how the presence of horses enlivens awareness, promotes coherence and sparks the creative source within you.  Allow curiosity and play to engage your imagination, shift your perspective and express through you in the form of writing and creative expression.

Fee: $550 (includes meals and materials)



In The Field With Horses – Poetry and Writing

Join us for an inner journey, In the Field with Horses. Through facilitated interactions with horses and the help of nature, we find inspiration and creative voice. Have fun expressing your creativity through writing, poetry, drawing or simply spoken word. No special talents or skills are needed for this fun day of exploration. Bring your curiosity and allow nature and the horses to inspire you as you enter the field

July 16th 2017

Contact us for additional dates

Fee: $85

Contact: Lisa Ulmer to register