EponaQuest Foundation

Posted on March 15, 2011

Equus United Foundation

Expanding Human Potential
Through the Wisdom of the Horse

Four Key Pillars of the Foundation:

Research and Curriculum Development: The EU Foundation applies for grants and raises funds from individuals and other sources to support research and curriculum development that will, in turn, support mainstream acceptance of the field of Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Experiential Learning (EFMH & EL) as  effective educational and therapeutic modalities.

Outreach and Education: An ongoing priority of the EU Foundation is to educate increasingly mainstream audiences (schools, military, corporate, social, political, personal development and mental health organizations) about the effectiveness of EFMH & EL practices, fostering widespread awareness of this growing field.

Best Practices: The EU Foundation establishes best practices for care and treatment of horses, as well as standards for how human clients are treated.

Grants & Financial Resources Development: The EU Foundation acts as a “pass-through” funding organization for qualified programs and facilitators who would like to apply for grants that require non-profit status.



EU Leadership Circle


The EponaQuest (EU) Foundation is devoted to the expansion of human potential through the wisdom of the horse. This 501(c) (3) organization is seeking donors who share our principles and our desire to advance awareness about how horses can help us reach our fullest human potential.

Our initial goal is to raise $ 20,000 by July 1, 2011. With each donation of $1,000 or more will qualify the Donor for membership in  the Leadership Circle and privileges thereof.

Each Leadership Circle gift will help the Equus United Foundation to move forward with invaluable research which will move us toward our goal of expanding human potential through interaction and exposure to horses, in a guided, supportive and safe environment. Our first research project is an empirical study to extend research that can support mainstream applications of these principles. This study  (as approved by the University of Arizona Human and Animal Subject Protection committees) will be led by published researcher and physiologist Ann Linda Baldwin, Ph.D. (Dr. Baldwin’s CV can be viewed on the EU Foundation website (www.equusunitedfoundation.org) along with the bios of our other Board members).

The foundation, headquartered in Arizona, is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors from throughout the United States. This “working Board” guides and participates in the activities of the Foundation. Members of a separate Equus United Advisory Board provide specific expertise and counseling.

All members of the Board are proud to be contributing members in the Leadership Circle. All additional donors will receive regular electronic reports and updates on the activities of the Foundation. In addition, unless otherwise requested, all donors will be recognized on the Equus United Foundation website. Donors will also be honored at a special Equus Untied Foundation “Launch Weekend” at the Epona Center in Amado, Arizona, date TBA.

For further information, to become a member of our Founder’ Circle or to provide any support or donation, please contact:


Equus Untied Foundation
Post Office  Box 385
Sonoita, AZ, 85637