Bringing together our quest for enlightenment and the wisdom of the horse...
  • The EquuSatori Center

    EquuSatori Center is a peaceful, private facility nestled in the heart of beautiful Sonoma County, California. We specialize in providing opportunities for people to experience the gifts inherent in the horse’s nature.

    Satori, a Zen Buddhist term, refers to a “moment of enlightenment.” EquuSatori refers to  the insights or “Ah-ha” moments of enlightenment that occur when humans experience a heartfelt energetic connection with horses. EquuSatori Center is a place where people can come experience being in the field, with horses.


  • In the Field, with Horses

    In a beautiful, private rural setting, encounter a unique opportunity for self-discovery –  a facilitated journey “in the field” with horses.  Experience horses in ways that enrich and empower the human spirit, while fostering understanding and appreciation of the contributions horses have made and continue to make to humankind.

  • “Being” with Horses

    You don’t need to own a horse to experience what they have to offer. In the “field” with horses, you can reconnect with your own true nature –  step out of your head and into your heart. Enliven your own creative source. Marvel at what comes up when you’re not busy figuring it out.